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Our Mission

School today is no longer confined to class roominstruction. At Vidisha IPS we believe that school is much morethan academic lessons and qualifications. Many ofthe most important lessons are those whichstudents learn as part of team games, crossfertilization of ideas, competitions andcollaborative work.To pave the way for such learning weorganize a variety of competitions and culturalevents which also support formal learning.

In teaching others we teach ourselves

Apart from inspiring students to achieve best possible academic results they are encouraged to acquire habits of curiosity, mental flexibility, self-discipline and self-dignity, maintain openness of mind, morality and mutual respect for all.

Physical & Mental fitness programmes: Mental Skill orientation Programme


Sukha Semra Tehsil And District Vidisha 464001 India

Care & Security

  • We take utmost care and protection of your child, during the school hours. We make sure that our students always feel at home.

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